My Last Day at Sitewire

For the past year and seven months I have been happily employed at Sitewire, an interactive marketing agency in Tempe. I spent my time there initially as their front end architect and flash developer but eventually fell into the role of lead designer. The experience has been great.

Some of the Highlights

I can't recommend Sitewire highly enough for their people. Everyone there is absolutely great and I've endured many great friendships during my time at the company. The most enjoyable projects I got to work on for the company were our internal marketing efforts. Assisting Lacey in the video shoot and designing a slick flash application to showcase them; randomly improvising a photo shoot and working alongside Mike Campbell to redesign the Sitewire website last summer.

A New Direction

However, time has taken it's toll and things have changed. I've found a more exciting opportunity with the super cool folks at Integrum Technologies. I'm leaving the ad agency life to work in the realm of web applications and joining a team that practices an agile development process. I'm very excited with this move and look forward to sharing some of the cool stuff Integrum puts out in the future.