CSS Commenting With Textmate

Last month Jina Bolton wrote an excellent article about Sexy Stylesheets on Think Vitamin. I was particularly impressed with some of the ideas for commenting more efficiently. The problem was, even after knowing the techniques, I was too lazy to comment consistently. That's where TextMate came in handy.

My CSS Comments Bundle For Textmate

I was surprised that there was nothing in the included CSS bundle for basic commenting so I took the liberty to write one. I also made tab triggers for all of the techniques shared in Jina's article. It's broken down into five snippets:

I prefer to use the declare snippet on my main stylesheet and the updated or timestamp on all of my included child stylesheets. This bundle has been in use by me for three weeks now and I've actually found it to help me a lot. Putting in comments for organizational purposes; I'd be too lazy to do it without this. Your mileage may vary with the bundle, but I hope you find it useful too.