Programming in 2013

I wouldn’t say this list is really exciting by any means. But I thought I’d share the languages I’m continuing to focus on this year:

Javascript / Coffeescript

Javascript is quickly becoming one of my favorite programming languages. It’s something I’m using more and more each year. Also, I find the organization and workflow for client-side Javascript projects to be a weak point for many of the development projects I contribute to. The rails “asset-pipeline” is definitely a crutch and though it’s good enough in my opinion it’s only useful while working within rails projects. This year, a focus on workflow, project organization, and testing will be key. It’s really easy to build something in javascript but it’s not common to see people building things to last. And there’s still way too much spaghetti code being flung around sites.

Objective-C / iOS Development

I’m still incredibly excited to work in objective-C. While my own App Store adventure has turned out to be lackluster, I had great fun co-developing and designing Idea Bucket. Fortunately, that experience provided two consulting opportunities involving native iOS development. I find the platform to be really challenging in a good way. Testing, maintainability, and organization will be my focus here this year.

Ruby / Rails

I admittedly did very little work in Ruby last year. In fact, I’d say less than 10% of my income was from Rails based projects last year. That being said, I still find ruby to be one of the languages I’m most comfortable programming and testing in. Ruby 2.0 and Rails 4.0 should both be released this year bringing a fresh sense of excitement to working on these projects once again.

Arduino / Rasberry Pi

Last year I bought a couple of kits for arduino and started to attend weekly hardware hacking meetings. That sort of thing fell off my radar after I got caught up with work. This year, I really don’t want that to be the case. This week is actually the first week I’m going to meet up with a friend (creating a ‘helping relationship’ in behavior design) to start what I hope becomes a weekly / monthly endeavor into playing around with hardware and code.