What's On Your Mind These Days?

Lately, I've been reading a lot about peak oil, our place in the world economy, and the harmful industrialization of our everyday food. Simply put, I haven't been writing as a result of the information overload that I'm enjoying at the moment.

Joy might seem like a strange way to describe the topics I just bantered off but it's true. Reading about these seemingly distant and to some even unimportant things have really better helped me gain a greater understanding of the world I live in. We take for granted everything that happens around us, rather than complain upon hard times I'd rather understand what has lead to or is currently causing such events to unfold. No the topics are not joyful - peak oil can be a very depressing topic - but the sense of empowerment you get from taking the time to learn the how, and why is. Now I don't feel quite as helpless in this world as I did before.

It's easy for all of us to player the role of the ignorant citizen or shrugging things off as either inapplicable to us or unstoppable by us. But I feel quite the contrary, if we take the time to educate ourselves on these things happening now we can make change that is not political but behavior. We can learn and change what we do ourselves instead of simply standing around and feeling helpless. So with that rant, I'm asking you, what topics in this world are concerning you most? I'm interested in listening.