Blogging is not Technology.

Last week I was invited to speak at a local NetSquared meeting out in Tempe. Presenting on the topic of blogging forced me to take a step back to look at what I've been doing over the past seven years. I realized all of the technological connotations associated to blogging are irrelevant. Blogging is not about the web, rss feeds, or technology. That is just a means to an end. Blogging is about people, it's about voices, blogging is all about you. Blogging is a medium for distributing both fact and opinion. It's about discussion and connecting people in a relevant context. The technology just helps run the show.

In my presentation I briefly explained the concept of syndication via RSS and Atom - then touched on a high level overview of what a CMS system is used for. This was mainly to acknowledge the fact that not that many people are keen on the how or why of RSS. After demystifying the essential technologies involved, I focused on what blogging is really about.