iPhone Notes: Kathy Sierra at SXSW

At this year's SXSW I didn't feel like pulling out my laptop to take notes. Instead, I mastered the iPhone keyboard and jotted down some quick notes from the more interesting sessions. Here are my notes from Kathy Sierra's excellent talk on helping your users kick ass.

20 Things You Could Do To Help Your Users Kick Ass

How do we help our users kick ass? We don't want the user talking about us or our product. We want them talking about their experience. The hi-res user experience: Change the way you view your world. Nueroscience: Environment can inhibit brain growth. Difference between natural and acquired talents.

"We need a rage to master."

1. Use telepathy 2. Serendipity 3. Add dog ears effect 4. Use Joy 5. Inspire first-person language. 7. Easter eggs 8. Tools for evangelism 9. Exercise the brain 10. Help people exercise their body 11. Give them super powers 13. Speeds their knowledge acquisition 15. Help with the reinvestment of mental resources into new problems Speaking of twitter - we have to give people a chance to focus 16. Make users heros 17. Do NOT insist on "inclusivity" 18. Practice seductive opacity. 19. Atoms are not old school 19.5 Do what this guy does - in reference to Gary Vaynerchuk.