The 'Best' Kind of Design Exposure!

Yesterday I was greeted by fantastic news! Nick La has selected this site to be featured in the Best Web Gallery! Oh and did I mention that my traffic has shot through the roof!

What is the Best Web Gallery?

If you're familiar with sites like StyleGala or CSS Remix, then you've probably heard of Best Web Gallery or sites like it. I found that Nick's site has the best frequency of updates with quality sites which is why his site is the CSS Gallery I goto almost exclusively for design inspiration. I submitted over the weekend and surprisingly made it into this weeks update!

Some Much Needed Traffic

This site is not very well known so I average only about 40-70 visits per day. Yesterday's publicity shot my traffic out of the water! Almost 800 visits in one day! Needless to say I hope at least a few new people to the site stick around for more upcoming posts.

A Recap of the Site Design

What you can't tell from the surface from this design is the technology under the hood. I took this site as a chance to experiment with extensive implementations of Microformats and also took advantage of some new features in CSS3. So if you're interested in seeing just how I did it check out my article 'A Refreshed Design for 2008.'