Advocates vs. Practitioners vs. Practicality

New technologies are popping up at a relentless pace today and staying relevant is now more of an issue than ever. Almost every day there is another new emerging tool along with many advocates promoting how it will change everything. But will it?

Advocates are great. Everyone should advocate something useful when they find it. But what's more important is that you put it to good use. A new technology is interesting at best unless we have some down to Earth benefits and applications. Without realistic present uses we're left with a mere concept or abstract theory.

Let me restate that the pace of new technologies popping up is relentless, and just remaining current can be a major challenge. If remaining aware of new technology is a challenge - giving them each a test drive is highly unlikely. What's lacking today are not technologies or advocates, but practical realists who can show actual solutions to today's problems through utilizing tools. If you want people to use a technology what better way than to focus on the solution and presenting the technology itself as only a means to an end. After all, that's what the technology really serves as right?