My blog up and down this week.

If you went to my blog and noticed things were funny or that I'm missing a post you aren't imagining things. Earlier this week my site got hijacked by some sort of spammer that installed a backdoor in my wordpress install. For a while you could see all of the files on my site including my configuration files tied to the database powering this blog. Bad news.

Fortunately, I've been active in my blogging efforts lately so I caught it the same evening it happened and did the following:

Over all the setback was only a couple hours of hassle but it was disappointing.

Back and better than before.. almost

If you were on this site sometime during the last three hours you might have seen a messy homologation of HTML and incomplete CSS.. well, I am almost done with a new design that I came up with two nights ago and am in the process of incorporating microformats into the Wordpress theme. The new theme will launch this weekend with gracefully degrading CSS3 and microformats baked in including hCard, hAtom, xFolk, tagspaces, and nofollow in the comments. Later, as time permits I plan to add some cool javascript too.

I'll stop talking about what I'm doing and get back to doing it. Download Safari 3 or Webkit if you want to take full advantage of the new design! There will be screenshots to illustrate the differences between modern browsers!