Geezeo: Get a grip on your finances!

I run my own personal business and have a day job. So I have double the fun when it comes to monitoring my checking and savings accounts. On top of that I have credit cards for myself and my business, an auto loan, and a student loan. Managing all of that can be pretty hectic. Fortunately, I've discovered an awesome free web 2.0 service called Geezeo and all I can say is this thing frickin rocks!

Here's what I did in 15 minutes:

That's a lot of stuff in a short amount of time. The best part is the legwork is done now. The account and transaction data auto update. And Geezeo remembers places you shopped at for auto tagging. So if you are like me and you purchase everything on plastic all of your expenses are logged and categorized. Well, except for the occasional unique purchase that confuses Geezeo! And that means I can just log in anytime and in less than a minute I can see how much over or under budget I am this month for any particular type of spending. This is absolutely incredible stuff. I highly recommend trying it if you aren't using any sort of tool already. Geezeo makes managing your finances fun and easy.

Well less of fun and more entertaining / fascinating / cartoony / and interesting. Good deal!