A New Face For Sitewire.

I'm proud today to announce that we have finally finished putting enough spit and polish onto the new Sitewire web page that it's ready for public attention. I handled all of the design, flash work, and html/css development while balancing other projects brought to me within Sitewire. The experience has been hectic at times but overall unique. For example, during the design phase of the project I wasn't allowed to work in the office so I worked remotely from nearby coffee shops around town. Even more interesting - we rented truckloads of photography and lighting equipment and converted our office kitchen into a makeshift photo studio to do a staff-wide photo shoot as we didn't have the time or the budget to accomplish at a professional studio.

A lot of things happened simultaneously during this project. Design concepts and brainstorming were being developed the same time as messaging and copy. This made both phases of the project a little less efficient from a time perspective but much more collaborative as both design inspired new copy and new copy inspired new ideas for design. Though things felt a bit hectic at times, I'm fairly pleased with the final result. The site is a bit heavy, but overall it's pretty solid. So with that being said I present to you the new Sitewire.com. Take a look and share your thoughts whenever you get a chance.