I need help.. seriously. Designers? Programmers?

My little company Sumo Creations is in need of massive help I've got several commitments on my plate and a biggie next month! Right now I'm literally a one man show I can't keep it up I wish I could or else I'd be rich. I'm focused on building a simple company that produces high quality results however with that being said let me explain my offer.

What I'm looking for...

I'm not looking for a lot of people just a handful of skilled individuals. Here are the ingredients to my cookbook:

  • An Edgy and Skilled Designer that's got a Edge!
  • Ruby Developer (Rails Specific)
  • Compensation

    I honestly dislike people asking me what my rate is as a designer/developer. I understand as a freelancer you typically make more money on a project per project basis where I can know clear in advance I can a lot this much to an individual to perform a given task. This often works out in the contractors favor where I might offer to pay you $550 to do a PSD/XHTLM conversion that might take you 8-10 hours as opposed to me paying you $40/hr. If you do prefer hourly don't bother submitting bids. I have predefined rates for you if you are interested let me know:

    Contractors Only

    I'm not at the point yet where I'm ready to take on full on employees.. I need to restructure my tax status from an LLC/SP to an LLC/S-Corp so until then I'm only hiring out via W-9 but you will be well compensated just be sure you save a good amount to cover your self-employment tax.

    Telecommuting is totally cool!

    I don't need to meet you in person. I got my first job as a Flash designer when I was only 15 working for a company in Texas while I lived in Arizona. My only communication to the company was over the phone! You are welcome to meet me in person anytime though!

    All in all.

    I'm really pleased business is going well for my company. All of my work has been through word of mouth and personal selling. I have always been so busy I never even had time to build the site for Sumo itself but if I have a few good people this won't be a problem and I expect business to boom even more once our site is launched and after I wrap up my projects for this next month.

    I've been doing this work for a LONNNGG Time. I expect quality! Show me you know your stuff. I might request a short work sample to see how you tackle a task. If you are interested just drop a comment, express your interest, share any links, and include your email address. I'll get in touch.