For Sale: Porsche 944 asking $2995!

Well it's time. I finally will be buying a car that is not a Porsche 944! These cars are great fun as I have owned two since the inception of my driving career. This exact vehicle I have owned for the last four years and have used as a daily driver. The surprising thing about these little cars is that they just keep running strong if you put in the time to keep them running. The only bad part about this particular vehicle is that the air conditioning is out of service. And I've had more than my fair share of the heat this summer so I feel it is time for me to part ways and move on. If you are in interested check out my ad on Craigslist.

Why am I selling?

It's time for me to move on. This car is great fun but it's not really practical. I've been having to drive more and more now and I just need something a little bigger with more space for passengers. It's hard for me to part with this car. I've spent a lot of time with it!

What does it have?

It's a 1984 with Black paint and Black Leather interior. It has the highly desirable and rear black Fuchs rims which Porsche produced in the 1980's. The interior has the optional wrap around leather sport seats which if I recall were made by recaro for Porsche. The windows, mirrors, and sunroof are power. It's a 5 speed manual transmission. There are only 40,000 miles on the current clutch. All in all it's a lot of car for under $3,000. The car has 206,000 miles on it now.

I'm asking $2995.

As I said I'm ready to part with it. Here's a clean, working Porsche for the same cost as a MacBook Pro. For more info see the add on Craigslist.