Asian Persuasion

I was reading the latest issue of Marketing News journal yesterday and found an interesting article about Boba cafes. It appears to be a great opportunity as the Boba craze that hit Asia in the 90's is relatively young out here in the US. Only in the past year or so have we seen Boba shops popping up and the drink becoming more mainstream here. This opens up two big oppourtunities...

A chance to become the dominant player.

For one, you can't really compete with companies the likes of Starbucks. On the other hand there is no dominate franchised Boba shop that's really settled into the US market. This is a great opportunity to build a strong brand around a new emerging product in the US. Hmmmmm.

Market towards the Asian youth.

According to marketing news the Asian youth market has been the hardest for researchers to establish a method for attracting a strong connection with. Boba cafe's are the first major venue that specifically attracts this demographic. It's significant because there is a tendency in Asian families to rely on the youth as the ambassadors to the family. Often it is the son or daughter who informs the parent of which cellphone to buy, what technology is hot, etc. Or at least that's what Marketing News says. Marketers are dying to reach this demographic.

Any way, just some food for thought. Anyone want to open up a boba-bucks with me?