For once we can agree on something.

After watching the State of the Union this evening I finally heard that bodaggit (Bush) say a few things that made sense. Here they are:

1. We need to break our dependance of oil from the middle east (and in general.)

For the longest time stupid commentators, especially the ones on FOX, use the same silly argument about spreading democracy in the middle east *by spoon-feeding it to them forcefully*. They argue it's not an immediate plan but rather one that lies ahead for some decades to come. It's a long-term initiative. But if that's the case aren't we putting our foot in our mouths by empowering the very same corrupt parties that control these people by doing business with them? Should we not break our dependance on oil and put those parties out of business relieving them of their ill-fated control? Shouldn't that be our twenty year plan instead? Thanks for finally getting one thing right Mr. President.

I'm skeptical to see how much of this plan he's setting forward isn't actually just fluff and will eventually come to fruition.

2. We need to remain competitive and creative.

I really liked President Bush's intentions to bolster our education system to maintain our competitive edge. But what are the details behind this competitive initiative program? The intentions seem good but is it real?

3. Admitting social security is going to need to be saved.

The President made a bold statement tonight about Social Security. Once again he's being realistic and his intentions are good. But I'm skeptical to hear the actual plan he has. This is a task easier said than done. At least I realize it will be easy for me to keep a job in the future; how much I have to pay in taxes thirty years from now due to loose tax laws and an already staggering deficit awaits to be realized.

4. We have created more jobs than the EU and Japan combined.

Here is president Bush patting himself on the back crediting his tax cuts to improving unemployment. However, what are the quality of all of these new jobs? Are they good jobs? In Arizona we certainly don't have too many of those. With our wages fairly low relative to many other states but housing costs skyrocketing real estate is quickly becoming an unattainable luxury.

So it's good to see I can agree on somethings but really. Obviously, if you can't tell overall I'm not a fan of President Bush and I've written about this before. I'm looking forward to seeing FactCheck's review of the speech to see how much of the Presidents claims actually have merit.