Dangerous Business Mistakes: Apple

I think the biggest advantage to using Apple has always been the fact that you have the hardware and software provider united as one. It gives them the control to create a more polished experience since the software can be more specialized and tailored to the hardware it runs on. In contrast, a conventional PC can run on multiple operating systems which is problematic for two reasons: 1.) the OS developer must make his software more versatile so that it can work with most hardware 2.) the hardware manufacturer must work within the operating systems limitations to create custom UI functions that integrate with their technology innovations. This is where Apple has always had a clear advantage: If they want the hardware to interact with their software in a special way they can just expand the limitations of the operating system. To my knowledge, it is a luxury no other computer manufacturer has.

But this is also a problem. Apple has been silently testing Rossetta the new version of OSX that could run off X86 processors for years. Of course they had to be tight lipped about it because they didn't want the public to know about the possible switch; but this has come at a cost to the third party developer. The dilemma now is that major vendors such as Adobe, and even Microsoft are not prepared for the early transition to Intel. So the ETA for an Intel compatible version of Adobe CS is unknown. This holds true for pretty much all major software packages presently available on Mac.

Where does this leave you and me? Well, if you're a pro working on a Mac there is no point in upgrading yet. The software you use isn't ready yet. Sure you can run the PowerPC versions of these packages on the Intel based macs but the benefits of the additional processing power are diminished because the OS now needs to run an emulator to simulate power pc processes. It also means if you don't have a mac but wanted to make a switch you don't know what to buy. Intel macs aren't widely supported yet. Power PC macs are on the way out.. The message to the consumer is they should hold off and delay their purchase. This is just a bad business scenario. I love Apple products and I am a huge advocate of the Apple brand.

I just hope they can remedy this scenario as soon as possible.