The Samsung Serene: The World's most Elegant Cellphone?

Everyone is raving about the RAZR these days. Despite the fact that the initial version was first introduced to the market over a year ago, today it is the new trendy phone. It's stylish thin design caught the attention of most cellphone geeks who paid extra to order the RAZR unlocked and become the only person they knew who had one. But it's really nothing special today. After all, I have one. I got it for free. Now everyone is starting to have one. So what's the cool new phone for 2006?

Take a close look at the Samsung Serene. This phone is unique not because Samsung builds it, but because Bang & Olufsen has designed it. If you take a look at the phone it's a completely unique design, something I would have expected to come from the lack-lusting Motorola ROKR (iPod phone). The user interface is unique in that the screen is intended to be the bottom of the phone with the keypad representing the top half. Why flip the screen? Because by placing the screen on the bottom the user no longer places his or her ear onto the screen causing it to become greasy. A significant problem I've noticed with my RAZR.

Bang and Olufsen's minimalism is present throughout the design. There is no screen on the outside, the keypad is circular like b&o remote, and the ring tones are noticeable yet unobtrusive pings which make the phone all the more elegant. The Serene's unique design comes in a small package. When the phones are closed side by side the Serene appears to be about half the size of the RAZR but not quite as thin.

Indeed it will be nice to see this phone in person. I'm doubtful this one will pick up and become mainstream like the RAZR. If it did it may be disastrous for bang and olufsen as their brand is intended to be an exclusive product only for the privileged. I don't own any b&o products, and I certainly couldn't imagine getting one for free. For more information on the serene visit: You can also check out the detailed review from Mobile Review.