DTTG Design in Progress.

If you're reading this your feedback is required. I'm redesigning my blog by heavily hacking up Squible to the point I probably won't be able to upgrade past 2.5 alpha. Oh well so be it. Here's what I'm doing.

The color scheme

I'm trying a salmon (pink) and blue color scheme. I wanted to try something I wouldn't normally do and I kind of like it even though it creeps me out. Normally I'd just do black and grey so this is a refreshing change.

The header

The header of the page is designed to look like a torn up news paper an there is a live flickr feed that has been styled to resemble polaroid photos. The idea was to make the site resemble a dirty torn up unreliable newspaper to make it even less "trustworthy".

The content (style)

Overall the site is using serif fonts to resemble a newspaper rather than more screen friendly fonts such as Arial, Verdana, etc. The content is using the less is more approach. There are just some lines and slight background touches to spruce things up a little but but otherwise from that the text is text and nothing more to take your eye away from that fact.

I'm not even close to being done.

I still have to style the interior footers and comments so stay tuned but let me know if you like the direction.